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Bench chisels list


Fujihiro "Mokume" (Sword steel) bench chisel

3,6,9,12,15,18,24,30,36 and 42mm
Set of ten

Price: Please ask

Tasai polishing finish

Tasai polishing finish "Shinogi" style bench chisel

Price(single hollow)
3mm:US$ 223
6mm:US$ 223
9mm:US$ 223
12mm:US$ 233
15mm:US$ 242
18mm:US$ 251
24mm:US$ 301
30mm:US$ 337
36mm:US$ 353
42mm:US$ 392
Set of ten:US$ 2758(Shipping cost:Free)

Shipping cost
US$18(1 piece) US$24(2 pieces) US$27(3 pieces) US$37(4-6 pieces) US$ 47(7-9 pieces)

"Shinogi" style polishing finish bench chisel by Kunitoshi

Blade: White steel
Set of ten(3,6,9,12,15,18,24,30,36 and 42mm):US$854(Shipping: Free)


Tasai "Hand-Hammered" bench chisel

Steel: Special steel, Yasuki Steel which is very similar to Blue Steel

Price(red oak handle or white oak handle,single hollow)
3mm:US$ 190
6mm:US$ 190
9mm:US$ 197
12mm:US$ 197
15mm:US$ 208
18mm:US$ 208
24mm:US$ 232
30mm:US$ 240
36mmUS$ 260
42mm:US$ 283
Set of ten with a kiri-box:US$ 2278(Shipping cost:US$50)

Shipping cost:US$ 19(1 piece),US$ 19(2 pieces),US$ 28(3 pieces)
US$ 30(4 pieces),US$ 34(5 pieces),US$ 42(6 pieces)
US$ 45(7 pieces),US$ 50(8 pieces-9 pieces)

Additional charge for ebony or gumi handle:$15/piece

Genjyu Funahiro

Genjyu Funahiro

He is very careful about temperature control and the tempering process is done in darkness. He never gives up making high quality.
Price(Red oak handle or ehite oak handle,single hollow)
3mm:US$ 129
6mm:US$ 129
9mm:US$ 143
12mm:US$ 153
15mm:US$ 162
18mm:US$ 183
24mm:US$ 206
30mm:US$ 215
36mm:US$ 251
42mm:US$ 279
Set of ten with kiri box:US$ 1896(Shipping cost US$47)
Shipping cost:US$ 16(1 piece),US$ 19(2 pieces),US$ 21(3 pieces)
US$ 24(4 pieces),US$ 28(5 pieces),US$ 32(6 pieces)
US$ 36(7 pieces),US$ 47(8 pieces-10 pieces)

It is possible to these blades in ebony or boxwood handles.But you have to pay US$ 10/piece.Please understand that.

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